Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Choking Game, Is

The Choking Game, Is NOT A GAME The first step in prevention is awareness... Warning! It is deadly and has killed 1000's

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SarahPacatte said...

Children need to be armed with factual life saving information by adults before a peer has the oppurtunity to introduce another child to this deadly, high risk, thrill seeking activity of 'self asphyxiation' aka 'the choking game'. Kids teach kids this game of death. Kids buy the lie that 'it won't hurt you', it's not illegal', 'it's not drugs', or 'it's safe if you do it right'!
Depriving oxygen and or blood to the brain is NEVER safe. A kid taught the kid that taught my kid how to 'play' the choking game which took his life in May of 2005.
Educating and warning children is crucial; the line of thinking that "we don't want to give them any ideas if they don't know about this 'game'" is negligent. Put the idea of the dangers of this 'game' in their heads before another child does......
Sarah Pacatte, Gabriel Mordecai's Mom