Sunday, May 10, 2009

Welcome to the Responsible CyberCitizen Community...

Welcome to the Responsible CyberCitizen Community - Responsible for your actions, and able to answer for one's conduct! Responsible CyberCitizen Community | Responsible CyberCitizen Reaper | Responsible CyberCitizen Blog

The new vision for RCC includes 3 sites, a Micro Blog where you can Join the Conversation, our primary site where we'll do daily and weekly information packed articles, as well we are accepting applications for guest posters (Responsible CyberCitizens) that want a place to show case their writing skills plus highlight their topics and concerns about Keeping Our Children Safe and Family Online Security issues including: ID Theft, Predators and Pedophiles, Website and PC Security, Banking and Dating Security and our main subject!

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